Scrapberry Farm

What It's About

Scrapberry Farm is one farmer named shiny. I teach workshops, make herbal products, and grow herbs. I run a farmers market, support BIPOC entrepreneurs, and grow community. It's a busy life and a good life.


I grow herbs using traditional and ancestral methods. That makes us pretty organic, although you won't find any labels here that say so.

Herb Stuff

Herbal remedies for stressed out people. This is medicine for anxious people with heavy hearts.

These bodies, they're doing the best we can. Let's treat them kindly.

Learn Stuff

Teaching is my jam. Let's do this thing. I offer workshops on making herbal medicine, especially for Black and Indigenous folks.


I spend most of my time in collective with Black and Indigenous people working on food and land justice through a critical race framework. I may not be the right person for your project, I can probably connect you to someone who is.

Come Thru

Come Thru Market is an incubator market for Black and Indigenous farmers and makers. Follow us @comethrupdx

food justice

Listen, our food systems aren't broken. They're working exactly as designed. Some folks got a lot and some folks got none.

If that seems wrong to you, you're not alone. Get involved! Black Food Sovereignty Coalition