Essential Oils Statement

This year you’ll see that some of your favorite Scrapberry Farm products might have different, or even fewer, ingredients.

I use very few essential oils to begin with and I’ve been looking at my formulas and thinking of ways to reduce them even further. Whole plant medicine is the way to go. (hat tip to Renée Camila @layerbabuenaherbs with thanks for her recent podcast episode @theherbalhighway for helping me organize my thinking here)

Let’s unpack what I mean when I say they’re needlessly extractive and represent a colonizer mindset…

Colonialism takes many forms. Settler – you know this one, occupy it and claim it for yours. Kill everyone who disagrees. Planter – produce the hell out a single crop, “import” disposable labor when you need to grow even more. NIMBYism – hello Australia, have some convicts. Dear Algeria, we’ve got some Atomic business to drop off.

And then there’s Extractive colonialism – Destroy everything in the pursuit of claiming all the raw materials found in a specific place. Beavers, bison, gold, bat shit, sandalwood are historic examples but how about white sage, palo santo, crystals, fracking, the list goes on and on. To warp one’s mind in order to conceive of living beings as commodities, a means to an end, is at the very center of the colonizer mindset.

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We need a little reciprocity. The plants need a little reciprocity. I think they’re demanding it, actually, and I’m not sure most of us are listening. Are you listening?