Pink Drink 1 oz

Pink Drink is a take on an elderberry syrup, targeting the intersection of stress and immunity. We get run down from stress, we get sick, we’re now stressed about being sick. You know how it goes.
Pink Drink includes elderberry which supports the immune system; rosehip which is full of vitamin C and is also gently astringent to help us out when we’re constitutionally gloppy from allergies, anxieties, and other emotions; hawthorn berry for supporting the heart, which takes a lot of wear and tear from the adrenaline surges associated with stress; schisandra berry, which is clinically indicated to decrease cortisol levels – that pesky stress hormone we’re all struggling with these days. Finally, Pink Drink has honey which is full of phenols and other antioxidant compounds with a bit of brandy to stabilize all of that jammy fresh elderberry.



Pink Drink 1 oz

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